Combining creativity with experience and value

With over 20 years experience as a photographer in Berkshire, I enjoy providing a wide range of photography in Reading and work across London, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Avon, Surrey, Hampshire or anywhere! I enjoy a variety of work and combine experience with creativity, charge reasonable rates and have a passion for my work!

I am a professional photographer … not just a man with a camera!

I approach my work with great attention to detail, adapt easily to any situation and produce prompt results – all in a friendly and professional manner.

As a Wedding photographer in Reading, Berkshire I provide a range of services including storybook albums and disc only packages. I work anywhere!

As a Corporate photographer in Berkshire I shoot great PR, press and Corporate photography in Reading, London and the South and I love shooting portraits – I’ve worked with rock stars,Cabinet ministers and love shooting family and child portraits


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FREE PHOTO MUSIC Exhibition Stephen Wright’s Exhibition of iconic musicians

“the Smiths and friends”

Ripcaster Main Street Checkendon RG8 0SP




From £60 – VARIOUS SIZES AND EDITIONS – Photographs are shipped worldwide!



Terms and Conditions

Most jobs are quoted on an all-inclusive basis that includes fee, travel time, travel and disc of images.

Obviously any change to the original specification may incur additional charges.

When possible the disc of images will be burnt at the end of the job. Retouching etc is by quotation.

A successful Police/CRB check has been carried out and a priority is put on good and responsible behaviour.


Individuals – before images are supplied

Non account customers 14 days – Late payment charge is £40 at 15 days from Invoice date.

Account customers 28 days- Late payment charge is £40 at 29 days from Invoice date.

Image use – A general licence to use photos is included within any fee for press, PR and marketing uses on all images post 2009. Wedding and private portrait images are for private use only.

Third parties should seek permission and arrange a fee should they wish to use images.


A booking entails the reservation of a specific time slot and services, either verbally or in writing. A postponement is in fact a cancellation!

Cancellation charges apply to the quoted amount of 50% up to 14 days of the booked assignment of 75% up to 7 days of the booked assignment

If the job is cancelled on the same day the charge is 100%

Re-bookings for cancelled jobs will however qualify for a 25% discount if this takes place within 28 days.